Adventure Activities in Dandeli

Enjoy Thrilling Experience of Water Sports

Dandeli is the gateway to experience Adventure Water Sports

When it comes to adventure sports, Dandeli is the greatest spot for travellers to engage in the most exciting activities. The most popular water sports in Dandeli includes water rafting, river crossing, kayaking, zip lining and boating.

Water Rafting

The Kali River offers some of the best rafting in Karnataka. The long rafting is around 10-12 kilometres long, which makes it quite exciting, and the view throughout the trail is magnificent


Kayaking is a sport where you use a boat to move through the water. It’s a very popular water sport in Dandeli.

River Crossing

River Crossing in Dandeli is one of the most difficult things to do there. In River crossing, you are given strong hooks that are attached to a rope that is fixed on both sides of the river. With this rope, you should cross the river.

Waterball Zorbing

An entertaining water sport where you ride a clear plastic ball named Zorb down the river is called zorbing. In a zorb ball, you have complete freedom to move about however you like.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Dandeli?

Before arranging a vacation, it is important to thoroughly familiarise yourself with the area. If you want to take advantage of the abundance, you need clear your schedule and reserve the months of September through May.

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